WindEol - Vertical axis wind turbines designed for the production of electric energy.

Easy installation and quick commissioning.
Modular, without orientation mechanism, making it possible to increase the power of the installation from 500W to 10kW, increasing the number of modules on the same axis.
Full functionality during snowfall and frost.
Able to withstand temperature variations from -70 ° C to + 70 ° C.
Robust design, hard-wearing and fully sealed.
It does not require exclusion zone, coexisting that the protection of the fauna, the high reliability and the vandalism are incorporated in its design.


In 2016 the JSC ISTOK Mechanical Engineering, the MC TRADING Specialized Trading and the UPTHEWORLD REACTION Technical Consultancy join together to commercialize the JSC ISTOK WPP wind turbine range worldwide, adopting the commercial name WindEol.









Why us?

This wind turbine contributes important characteristics of high performance with respect to the other aerogenerators of the market, both of horizontal axis, and especially against the ones of vertical axis in extreme climatic conditions.

Team Technical Services the opportunity to offer their high-end portable digital pressure calibrators and digital test gauges to complement.

Electric production regardless of wind direction, being able to operate in low, high, and hurricane winds, maintaining its functionality during snowfalls and frost, with temperatures from -70 ° C to + 70 ° C.

Its efficiency has been fully tested in more than 300 installations successfully carried out resisting the most adverse and severe climatologies for the wind equipment being able to withstand hurricanes

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